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Travis Devine had been giving private instruction throughout Gwinnett for 12 years prior to opening his own facility, Devine Baseball, in 2012. Travis gained notoriety in Georgia playing at Dacula High School where he started varsity baseball for four years. Travis was inducted into the DHS Hall of Fame in 2014. Travis also gained exposure as the son of Adrian Devine, former Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers MLB pitcher. Travis was acknowledged by Baseball America as 3rd in overall pitching command in 1998. That same year he committed to Georgia Tech but signed with the San Diego Padres after being drafted in the 4th round. At the time of his signing his elbow was injured which would prove to be problematic throughout his 4.5 year minor league career. With his experience as a player and as an instructor Travis will be operating Devine Baseball to provide the skills and knowledge it takes to excel to the next level.

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